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Have you been neglecting your guttering?

Cleaning your guttering should be part of the regular property maintenance your house receives. If you don't keep on top of it, problems can occur. If your guttering becomes blocked, it can cause water damage to your property and even leaks.


This is why at T's Window Cleaning in Bath, I provide a thorough gutter cleaning service making sure all the debris is removed, including any dirt, moss and leaves that may have built up and caused blockages.

Why choose T's Window Cleaning?

•  Gutter cleaning service

•  Removal of dirt, moss and leaves

•  Prevent water leaks and damage to your property

•  Competitive prices and FREE estimates

Gutter cleaning in Bath

If you like the sound of this gutter cleaning service for your property, then feel free to

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Based in Bath, my services cover Bathampton, Keynsham, Bitton, Saltford and many more. To find out if I cover your area, call

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