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Here at T's Window Cleaning I believe in using the finest equipment to give your windows the best possible clean; that's why I use the latest technology in window cleaning - the Reach & Wash System. With this method, ladders aren't needed and the purified water leaves a streak-free finish to your windows.


I am also more than happy to provide the traditional method of window cleaning, using a squeegee

- a carefully angled strip of rubber that removes the surface film of water and dirt. Only a small amount of detergent is needed for this process. The detergent is not there to clean the glass as the physical action of the washer and squeegee does that. The detergent is merely there to act as a lubricant to the rubber blade as it glides over the glass removing the film of water and dirt.

Based in Bath, my services cover Bathampton, Keynsham, Bitton, Saltford and many more. To find out if I cover your area, call

07875 392 430

Reach & Wash System technology

•  Cleans with greater efficiency

•  Reaches previously inaccessible windows

•  Cleans frames

•  Can be worked from the ground

•  Eliminates the need for ladders - no building damage

•  Can reach up to 45 feet

•  Reduced disturbance and increased privacy for you

•  Environmentally-friendly - only uses purified water

Regular window cleaning in Bath from as little as £5

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in cleaning windows, and pride myself on the professional, reliable and friendly service I provide all of my customers. Whether it's daily, fortnightly or monthly window cleaning you need my prices start from as little as £5.00. Call me today for your FREE estimate.